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around town wooden car set

Ride around town and what do you see? So many cars for so many important things! Taxi cab whisks you away to travel to such interesting places. Police car and ambulance to help people. Red, red fire truck with a long ladder to put out fires. Pencil-yellow school bus to take you and your friends to learn about the world. Hear that jingle? That’s the ice cream truck on a sunny afternoon.

With these solid wood cars, featuring easily recognizable illustrations, you can teach:
• colors
• functions of these cars and jobs of people who drive them
• sharing & taking turns playing with different cars

Durable, well-crafted toys with tons of creative play for critical early childhood cognitive development. Includes taxi, police, ambulance, fire truck, school bus, ice cream truck. Plantation tea wood. Fire engine and bus 4” long, others 3 x 2.5 x 2” approx. Rigorously tested and certified compliant with all relevant safety standards. Ages 18 months & up. 


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